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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Our first hello, being our final kiss
To never hear you cry or laugh
To wash your hair, or give you a bath

It was supposed to be all happiness and light
Instead we faced our darkest night
The demons that we had to slay
Inflicted wounds so deep they’ll always stay

Through you we have known intense sorrow and joy
Great Braveness & strength we’ve had to employ
So easy to have given in to despair and gloom
Tears of blood were wept from your mummy’s womb

We long to hear your cries at night
To see your face in bright sunlight
To hold your hand as you walk along
To beam with pride as you sing your first song

Instead our heavy hearts have been broken
Our empty arms to you will always remain open
We long to never let you go
But goodnight now beautiful Tamsin Rainbow

© Sarah Green 2011

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